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Our Services


If you have been charged with an offence by the NSW Police or another government agency it is important that you have the highest quality representation by a firm who can provide you with intelligent and realistic advice regarding your matter.


Experienced in commercial matters and can help you with many of the matters requiring your attention in the commercial world.


Succession Planning & Deceased Estates

With our help you can better ensure that, should the worst happen, your property is distributed as you would like.

Family Law

What about the kids, the house, maintenance? For competent, sympathetic and professional help come and see us.

Debt Collection

Customers won’t pay? That “friend” won’t pay his loan back? See us before your debtor’s cash problem becomes your cash problem.

Commercial & Residential Leasing

We can help you find your way through the requirements and best protect your position, whether as landlord or tenant.


We offer a professional and efficient service at a very competitive rate. We charge at a fixed fee and all the costs will be explained to you at the beginning.

Employment Law

Whether as an employer or employee, talk to us about your employment problems, or how we can help you to prevent them.



Many problems can be resolved with the help of a competent mediator. The results are usually quicker, cheaper and less stressful.

Taxation Law

Discover what your obligations are under the Group Tax, Prescribed Payments Scheme, Fringe Benefits Tax, Capital Gains Tax.